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As a leading provider of various investment services, we take pride in offering the best expertise in investing to different markets and industries. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Kronos Group has been established in January of 2003 as an international investment company with Headquarters in the United States.

Alex Prohorov, Owner and Founder Alex Prohorov, Owner and Founder

Alex's expertise primarily associated with investments in Information Technology, Real Estate, Government, Equipment, Metallurgy and Coal industries. He has Masters Degree in Software Engineering from Drexel University. Alex is operating from company's US location and is currently working as a CIO at one of the largest logistics and transportation companies on East Coast.


Some of the key business directions for our company are:

1. Development and implementation of the integrated innovative technologies in the field of recycling of industrial waste by utilizing briquetting process, as well as scientific and practical research of briquetting processes for various materials (i.e. fine, dusty, ores, coal, etc.)

2. Engineering with a specific individual approach in the following areas:

      - Examination of the existing production and development of recommendations for modernization

      - Selection of appropriate equipment and tooling

3. Supply of process equipment, where the main goal is to optimize technological process in order to produce better quality products with the lowest cost. 

KRONOS GROUP for a long time has been successfully cooperating with various large equipment manufacturers that can provide necessary equipment and parts for briquette production in different parts of the world.